The Family that Bikes Together…

Riding Along

For a long time now, I’ve really, *really* wanted my girls to see “riding bikes” as a fun, happy thing to do. The past several summers have been pretty much consumed by, first, helping them learn to ride and, then, getting them to think of riding as just something to do (rather than, say, a painful experience over which one should cry before, during, and after).

This summer, though, things have come together beautifully. Especially in the last month or so, both girls are jumped at the chances to go for short bike rides after dinner, to ride to the pool or downtown, and to ride to and all around campus. Their cycling personalities have come out, too: Julia is definitely a *rouleur* who likes to keep a steady pace all day, while Vivi is a sprinter who zooms around but needs to stop and rest. And they’re both good, attentive riders, too: stopping at intersections, watching for cars, riding in the appropriate spots when we’re on a road or street. It’s pleasing, satisfying, and just plain fun to ride along with them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t think I’ve hardly ever been prouder of them.

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