Sleepwalk and Talk

At about 10:30 tonight, as I was sitting at the laptop watching an episode of Game of Thrones, Julia came out of her bedroom. “Daddy, I can’t sleep!”

“What’s wrong, honey? You can’t sleep?”

“No, I can’t! Everyone keeps moving everything up and down.”

“What?” Then, quickly, realizing she was sleepwalking: “Honey, I think you’re asleep. Come sit with me in the chair.”

She climbed onto my lap. “Okay, but you’re talking too fast.”

She was scorching hot, totally overheated. “Honey, I think you got too hot. We must not have turned your fan on.”

“No, my fan is on, but everyone in the bed is moving the sheets up and down. They won’t stop, and I can’t sleep!”

“Okay, honey…”

We sat for a few minutes, then got a drink of cold water and went to lie down on her bed. I sorta nodded off, then woke up when she rolled over and remembered, perfectly but fleetingly, a dream I’d just had in which I’d invented a digitally-controlled salt & pepper shaker – some sort of gadget that would float in the air just above your plate and shake out the seasoning when you sent it a tweet.

Once she got settled, I fell back asleep and woke up at 11:15 to write this up.

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