Lost & Found in Northfield

**Getting Lucky Once**
Before Thanksgiving, I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses somewhere downtown. I went back to several haunts to see if the glasses had been turned in, but had no luck. Then last week, my favorite barista at the best coffeeshop came up to my table and said, “Hey, I think I have your sunglasses! Will you be here at two? I’ll run home and get them.” He had found the glasses and, knowing that they were mine, held onto them for almost two months till he saw me again. I was very grateful to get them back.

**Getting Lucky Again
**Tuesday I rode downtown to meet a friend at a bar for a couple beers. I locked my bike up at the nearest bike rack* and had a good time with my pal. When it was time to go home, I unlocked my bike and rode home.

On getting to work on Wednesday morning, I discovered that my bike-lock key had fallen out of the fancy little key wallet I use. Not having a spare key (or lock) at work, I had to just put my bike in the rack outside my building and cast a spell of thief-deterrence, hoping that the spell and the low temperatures would preserve the bike from ne’er-do-wells. The bike survived the day, and when I got home I retrieved a spare key, which I used today.

On the way home this afternoon, I decided to detour past the bike rack where I’d locked up on Tuesday. Sure enough, the damn little key was there, frozen to the sidewalk. I pulled it up off the concrete, clipped it back into my key wallet, and rode off, happy and lucky as a leprechaun.

*Downtown Northfield has the worst bike racks. Horrible junk.

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