Upper Peninsula Cool, Eh

Late last year, I was flabbergasted to discover that one of the cool little shoes-and-clothes shops in our fair city was carrying kromer hats, which are the the de facto official cap of the Upper Peninsula. I had many a kromer when I was growing up, all purchased from the company in Ironwood that’s been making them for years and now calls itself “Stormy Kromer.” They’re great hats, no doubt, but cool? Apparently so – an argument substantiated by both their presence in that Northfield shop and, even more shockingly, in a list of “63 Perfect Things” in the February 2012 issue of Outside Magazine:

What’s even more amazing is that, seventeen items earlier, the land of the kromer is listed as another “perfect thing”!

I wish some of this U.P. cool would rub off on me, eh.

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