Snow Depression

Exactly one year ago – on December 23, 2010 – I skied for 45 minutes in the Carleton Arb. According to last winter’s training log, I’d skied a total of 12:27:48 by then, beginning on November 14.

So far this winter, I’ve skied one hour, a couple weeks ago, just after we received our only significant snowfall of the season. This is the sorry snow situation around here right now:

The only “snowy” stretch of Arb trail.
Arb snow

All that’s left of our sledding-hill jump.
Sledding-hill snow

The dwindling bank of plowed snow at the end of our block.
Neighborhood snow

One thought on “Snow Depression”

  1. I may have to drive our NYC family down your street to see Minnesota snow. This weather stinks. If it’s going to be cold, it needs to be snowy too.

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