Almanzo Video & Pictures

The torrent of stuff about the Almanzo 100 is just starting to trickle onto the web, but here are a few good items. First, the race director, Chris Skogen – who stayed the finish line to shake the hand of every single finisher, even the poor bastards who finished at 11 p.m. – shot this video of the end of the rollout, about a mile in:

Untitled from Chris Skogen on Vimeo.

At least two excellent photographers have already published great photosets to the web – a small set by David Gabrys and a gargantuan set by Craig Lindner on Flickr. The latter contains this wonderful shot of what looks to be the lead pack, sometime in the first 50 miles. We all looked like this by then:

And here are two shots of me at different hill-cresting spots in (I think) the middle third of the race. I don’t even have the wherewithal to look at the camera! Bikes don’t need fossil fuels to go, but I was gassed by then.


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