Writing with Vivi

Vivi loves to sit at the laptop and type out messages to which I type responses. Here’s Saturday night’s exchange: she goes first, and then we alternate. (Note: I didn’t help her with any of her typing, from the keyboarding to spelling any of the words.)

this dinner was delicious

yes, it was! the potatoes were my favorite part. What was your favorite?

nope it was the grapefruit

I don’t like grapefruit. YUCK.

I like oranges, though. YUM.

apples are good do you like apples?

I love apples! My favorite are sharp, tangy ones. I also love apples that are in pies, like orange pies or chocolate pies or apricot pies. YUM.

oh i loveeeeeee apple pie

Me, too! I love apple pie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. Do you like coffee?

nope i like hot cocoa with apple pie and a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream

that sounds good! I wish we could have that RIGHT NOW. Except then I would feel too full – kinda sick.

do you like vanilla pie?

I do. Maybe I’ll eat some while you’re in the tub!

Noooo! I won’t. But it IS time for a bathy-bath-bath.

no i am not gonna take a bath oh okay hjkgk hugrjhfjghjtkhyiukjgyhigjkthbn njhjnjghyghrbjkghnjgbfmnhjn ghbmt y78ughtbityukhj9t5irkyhrhtugn785t7y54875t87876957978686757rtdgxzc

3 thoughts on “Writing with Vivi”

  1. Good play especially for a 4 year-old. I wouldn’t have ben abel to do that when i was four. 🙂

    Cordelia Etter ( Brendon Etter’s 10 year-old kid )

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