22° of Heaven

Friday’s snowfall – mini-blizzard, at best – laid down an excellent layer of snow, and by gum Northfield’s intrepid skiers had created some excellent trails by the afternoon. I enjoyed a good hour-long ski (actually, 40 minutes of skiing and 20 minutes of happy conversation with other skiers and a bowhunter [!]) in the near-perfect conditions. Heaven at 22°F, and more of the same tomorrow.
First Ski of the Year

2 thoughts on “22° of Heaven”

  1. Clara and I were out there at about 10:00 this morning, and there was quite a bit of trail on which we were the first people to lay down tracks. I’m slightly pigeon-toed, so I’m not really the best person to lay down perfectly parallel tracks, but I did my best. It was a spectacular morning.

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