Growing Up

Tuesday evening, the girls demonstrated in two clear-cut ways that they’re not so little anymore. First, within a few minutes of arriving home, both were engrossed in books – Julia a Junie B. Jones chapter book, Genevieve a stack of wordy picture books. Both read and read and read. I couldn’t get their attention at all. Even six months ago, neither of them was a good enough reader to sit silently with a book for long. Now? Fifteen minutes or even a half hour!

After a while, though, they turned to a second activity, one which Julia decided upon after reading about it in a Ramona Quimby book: making their own dinners. After a bit of squabbling and a lot of hard work, by god they did it, and did it well. Fruit salad, a turkey wrap, and cinnamon strawberries on bread for dessert.
G & J Made Their Own Dinner - 1

I’m not sure why they’re both smiling like the Joker in this picture, but take it from me: they were proud of their work, and delighted with their meal. As they should have been!
G & J Made Their Own Dinner - 4

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  1. I read every Junie B. Jones book aloud to my boys when they were little. Teachers hated them, but we LOVED them. If you’ve never read one aloud with them, I highly recommend it. One of our favorites was Junie B. is Not a Crook. That Junie B. is one funny chick. 🙂

    You know there’s a travelling Junie B. show that used to go around. My boys drew the line at that (because they are BOYS — they had to sort of “closet” their love for the series a little…).

    And those cinnamon strawberries look delicious, though maybe not on the bread.

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