Strawberry Royalty

Julia’s finishing up breakfast. She’s down to two last strawberries – one with the hull still on top, one trimmed. She tells me, “These leaves look like a crown, so this is Princess Strawberry.” She puts it in her cupped hand and says, “Now she’s on her throne, and look, here comes the other strawberry!” The other strawberry marches up Julia’s wrist and stops when it gets to her palm.

“Now the Princess Strawberry says, ‘Hello, whatever your name is!'”

The other strawberry moves forward: “My name is just ‘Sir Strawberry.'”

The princess waggles and says, “Hello, Just Sir Strawberry!”

The knight shakes himself violently back and forth: “No, just ‘Sir Strawberry’!”

The princess gets a little closer, saying, “That’s what I said, Just Sir Strawberry! Hello!”

The knight protests, “No, no, no. You’re not listening! My name is just ‘Sir Strawberrry’!”

The princess strawberry seem ready to respond when Julia announces, “And now a monster comes and eats them up!” She devours the communication-impaired strawberries.

The end.

I’m still laughing.

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