Though the rain made today’s field trip to the Como Zoo a total miss as far as photography, the kids enjoyed themselves, and the cadre of chaperones had a pretty easy time of it. I only had to monitor Julia and her friend A., both of whom were perfectly fine – except, predictably, for tiring out and getting hungry. We did get to see most of the coolest animals, and saw some funny stuff like a keeper feeding the penguins, tamarins chasing each other around, and a giraffe using its long purple tongue to eat crackers. A few pictures…

Julia, tiredly (and distractedly)s sitting for pictures toward the end of the tour:

I liked the surname-pun possibilities of this sign:
Almost a Marketing  Sign for my Family

Kids loved the koi pond in the “Sunken Garden” flower area:
Kids and Koi

The garden itself was amazing:
The Sunken Garden at Como Conservatory

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