Julia, Six

Tomorrow, Julia turns six years old – and not a moment too soon for this smart, funny, adorable, independent-minded little girl. She’s been looking forward to this birthday for a long, long time.

Sprinkler Girls

I won’t comment at any length on the sheer weirdness and wonder of this kindergartner being the same creature as the tiny pink baby that struggled to be born six years ago – except to say that it’s been amazing and to post this updated collection of photos of Julia on (or near) her six birthdays. (I ran a slightly smaller version of this set in a blog post last year.)

Oh, and to say,

“Happy birthday, Julia Charlotte!”

One thought on “Julia, Six”

  1. I’ll say it again, that top photo sums up all that is wonderful about childhood. When do we lose that? I like to think I haven’t lost it all.


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