Tassava’s Bank for Northfield

Sunday, Genevieve decided, as part of an elaborate game of playing “bank,” that we needed a sign for “Tassava’s Bank for Northfield.” Here it is, in all its crazed but also well-punctuated splendor. The key parts are across the top – “Tassava’s” (note the apostrophe!) – and in the center “BANK” (love the N that looks like a W) – and along the bottom (“FOR NORTHFIE/LD”). The sign also includes some great extraneous letters and pseudo-words: “Bisca’s” and “ICSES” and “BSEi” and the line along the left, “STBE.”

Pure awesome.

Click through for a link to the annotated (deciphered) version on Flickr.

Tassava's Bank for Northfield

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