Snow(drift) Day!

Every significant snowfall builds a big drift against the patio door, but this morning brought the biggest one we’ve ever had: about 6 inches taller than our convenient and smiley measuring stick.
Snow Day 2009: Patio Drift

I had to loop around the house to get to the drift, which extended back away from the house quite a ways.Snow Day 2009: Patio Drift from Outside

Thankfully, it was almost all light, fluffy snow, and I only needed ten minutes to remove it entirely, creating some good space for the girls to play later.
Snow Day 2009: Patio Drift Cleaned Up

If only I could have moved all the snow to our sledding “hill,” which is, annoyingly, still bare! Clearly, we need more snow.
Snow Day 2009: Almost-Bare Hill

4 thoughts on “Snow(drift) Day!”

  1. Crazy windy and not a lot of trees I guess will do that…

    Started snowing here around 10am. Forecast is for 10 inches of snow. I believe it, probably got 2 already.

  2. That is a crazy drift!!! I’ll bet the girls laughed at that. I shoveled the deck to get to the birdfeeders and was happy to also find it light and easy to lift.

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