Julia’s Illustrated Guide to Piebaking

I came home one day last week to find this incredible series of drawings by Julia about how to bake a pie. The drawings are – I say with a father’s pride – wonderful, but what really knocked me out were the captions, which she sounded out by herself. Click on the images below to go to the big images on Flickr, where you can better appreciate not only each drawing but the little details she obviously worked hard to capture: the same two windows in each picture, the hearts on the kids’ pants and skirts, even the light switch (at left) and the hairdos. (I tried unsuccessfully to get her to finish coloring in the second and third pictures, but her muse had apparently fled.) “Pays careful attention to detail” will be the first bullet point on Julia’s resume.

Chopup The Frut

Chopup the Frut = Chop Up the Fruit
Gonup Kut the Stuf = Grownups Cut the Stuff

Micxs Up The Stuf

Micxs Up the Stuf = Mix Up the Stuff
Kids Test = Kids Taste
Big Kids Micxs = Big Kids Mix

Bake The Pie
Bak the Pie = Bake the Pie
Kids Frost
Big Kids Woch = Big Kids Watch

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