Open Wide and Say “Art”

Shannon took Julia and Genevieve to our strangely-named dentist yesterday. Though Julia has been there before, this was little Vivi’s first trip, and as she said later, she was “wewy nerwus” about it. Thankfully, Julia went first, which made it much easier to Vivi to climb in that big scary chair. “It was actuawee fun!” she said.

Having been checked out, Julia sat in the corner of the room to examine her swag, which included a Disney Princess toothbrush (something for which she’d been pining for weeks), little Crayola-branded flossers, some sparkly toothpaste, a gel pen, and pad of pink paper. While Vivi had her pearly whites examined, Julia used the pen and paper to draw what she saw (or maybe what she and Picasso can see):

Julia's Drawing of Genevieve in the Dentist's Chair
Julia's Drawing of Genevieve in the Dentist's Chair

On the next page of the pad, she wrote, “Good job Genevieve!” The B was backwards.

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