Arb Ride

Except in winter (when I have to use the streets, if I can’t ski to work), my bike commute runs from my house to the southeastern corner of the Carleton Arboretum, over Arb trails to the Rec Center, and then over the Lyman Lakes to the center of campus. My favorite leg of this trip is definitely the dirt-path section in the Arb. The trees and grasses are glowing with color. Even the browns and tans of the path itself seem heightened somehow.

Trail around Alumni Field

Old Faculty Picnic Grounds Oaks

And the manmade sights – like the vista over Bell Field toward Evans Hall or this bridge near the Cole Wetland – are nice, too.
Bridge near Cole Wetland

One thought on “Arb Ride”

  1. The Arb is a real gem, that’s for sure. My sister and I walked the lower end Wed morning. I can never get enough and find something new each time.

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