Early Makes for Better Late than Never?

Right about now, I should be checking into my hotel in Washington, D.C. Instead, I’m sitting at my desk in Northfield. This afternoon, I had literally just zipped up my suitcase when I decided to check my email one last time, and there discovered a message from Northwest informing me that my Sunday-evening flight to D.C. had been canceled due to bad weather out east. Crap.

After an hour making calls to the airline, to the MSP and D.C. shuttle services, and to the hotel, I finally hit on a tentative plan for getting to D.C. tomorrow, one which entails a very early ride to MSP, an early flight to DC (if I can get promoted from standby – otherwise, a later one through Boston!), and finally making it to the conference halfway through the first day.

Better late than never, but this is pushing it.

On the plus side, the girls were in great moods all afternoon, so I feel like I got some bonus time with them.

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