Rolling Up the Sleeves

Remember the silly kerfuffle a few days ago when Andy Card, W’s chief of staff, insinuated, on the basis of the already-famous photo of a jacketless Obama working at the Oval Office desk, that our president probably didn’t have the right amount of respect for the presidency?

It was stupid for Card to say in the first place, but it’s all the more stupid now, when one can see – thanks to some research by our friends at the Huffington Post – several other jacketless presidents at the same damn desk, including

St. Ronald

Jacketless Reagan
Jacketless Reagan

And the Worst President Ever, right after his first inauguration, chilling with Harriet Miers.

Bush: No Jacket Required
Bush: No Jacket Required

(Link to the source via the great Apsies microblog.)

3 thoughts on “Rolling Up the Sleeves”

  1. Of course, Clinton spent at least a little time with his pants down in the Office….

    I thought that whole “story” was hilarious… How hard do they have to dig? How shallow the hole? It was one of those great absurdist political commentaries where you have to wonder: This is satire, right? No suitcoat? That’s your beef? Holy shit, that’s amazing!

  2. I know! Sometime between 9/11/01 and 12/31/01, we passed through some sort of wormhole that now makes the Onion read like the news and the news read like the Onion. Are you serious, Mr. Card? You *are*?

    The next thing you know, they’ll be saying that we can tax-cut out way out of the recession.

    Naaah. They’ll never go *that* far.

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