College v. Airport

Carleton’s Sayles-Hill campus center versus the average airport concourse


  • Lots of people idling away a few minutes or hours between time-fixed commitments.
  • Many laptops open and sucking down wi-fi bandwidth.
  • Almost everyone eating or drinking something.
  • Long lines at the coffee bar.
  • At least some public sleeping, no matter when you’re there.
  • TVs blaring.
  • Rather more litter than you’d like to see.


  • No children at Sayles-Hill.
  • More MBA types working their way through a Grisham novel at the airport.
  • Better chairs and couches at Sayles-Hill.
  • No Bluetooth headsets at Sayles-Hill.
  • More places to eat and buy junk at the airport.
  • You don’t have to take your shoes off to enter Sayles-Hill.
  • It costs a lot more to go to Carleton and belong in Sayles-Hill than to fly commercial and sit in a concourse.
  • No playwrights in the basement of the airport.

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