No Good Deed

This morning, Julia had a colossal meltdown that, had it been taped and put up on YouTube, would be an excellent argument for abstinence.

The whole ridiculous mess started when I told her that her breakfast included a surprise. She got very excited, literally rubbing her hands together, and then crashed to earth on discovering that the “surprise” was that I had used a cookie cutter to make her toast into the shape of a ghost. Just as Shannon had predicted a few minutes earlier, Julia reacted not by asking for a different piece of toast, but by going ape – screaming, crying, shouting angrily at me, even, finally, throwing her favorite toy across the room, which merited a time out. I felt surprisingly insulted by her screams that “I don’t like this piece of toast!” but on the other hand, I couldn’t resist laughing out loud when she shrieked, “This wasn’t a surprise, it was just a piece of toast!”

(For what it’s worth, Vivi giggled when she found she had her own “ghost toast,” and made hers disappear very quickly.)

4 thoughts on “No Good Deed”

  1. Oh the OCD of preschoolers! It will drive you insane. If I cut their toast straight across instead of diagonal, we had exactly the same reaction.

  2. Yeah, what is it about toast? When my niece was little, she used to go into fits of rage over a broken piece of toast.

    On the other hand, I still utter an occasional profanity if I break the yolk of my egg while frying it.

  3. I’m hoping this morning’s jack-o’lantern toast goes over better. I think it will: Thursday evening, Julia apologized several times for her outburst and assured me that the reason she’d been so disappointed is that she had expected jack-o’lantern toast, not ghost toast. As the kids say, “Whatevs.”

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