Overdistance Rollerski, or, Thinking Snow

This morning, the female fraction of the family attended a friend’s birthday party, giving me the opportunity  to do an “overdistance” rollerski workout – going longer, in terms of both time and distance, than a normal workout, with the aim of really taxing the body and forcing it to work harder than it does in regular distance or interval workouts.

Judging by the all-day throbbing in my shoulders, back, and upper legs, it worked.* More importantly, both the weather and the scenery were fabulous. After making my way through a crowd of surly road-users


I was out among the endless brown and green fields broken only by a few strands of trees or farmsteads…

Northeast of Northfield
Northeast of Northfield
East of Northfield
East of Northfield

Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.

* Final totals for the session:

  • 29.77 kilometers (18.50 miles) skied
  • 2:03:52 total ski time
  • 139 beats per minute average heartrate, with a maximum HR of 162
  • 1440 calories burned
  • Three energy gels and 56 oz of energy drink consumed
  • One gel packet dropped but later recovered
  • Four bike riders and one runner encountered
  • Zero crashes committed

2 thoughts on “Overdistance Rollerski, or, Thinking Snow”

  1. You do much better than I at fueling during workouts. I did a solid 3 hrs this morning, drank barely 20 0z of water, and can’t really afford gels, so didn’t have any. Ended up blowing the money I would have spent on gels on gatorade and a king sized snickers at a gas station at the end of the workout though.

  2. Honkies – I love it!
    I like the noise when they fly right over my house, and we’ve had no goose droppings yet.

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