Car vs. Bike

After getting nearly hit twice in ten seconds by the same woman in a white Sequoia SUV this morning, I was in the mood for some bike propaganda today. The guy (?) who writes the Bike Snob NYC blog helped out with a couple of great posts and a video of his race against a SmartCar through New York City. It was a point-to-point competition; I’ll give you one guess as to the winner.

(What’s more, I’ll bet I reached my destination this morning before Sequoia Driver reached hers – and without endangering anyone else.)

2 thoughts on “Car vs. Bike”

  1. Reasons I know it wasn’t Mnmom behind the wheel:

    1. She’s earth-friendly enough not to single-commute in a low-MPG behemoth like a Toyota Sequoia.

    2. She’s far too smart and generous a person to drive as if it were her personal street.

    3. She’s got sufficient attitude that, had I made the gesture to her which I made to the actual driver, she’d have stopped and had words with me.

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