It’s 9/11: Where’s Osama?

I don’t know, the military and the intelligence services don’t know, and George W. Bush sure as hell doesn’t know. Chances are, though, he’s near the Korengal Valley, a bloody battleground in Afghanistan which Sebastian Junger has grippingly described in a couple of incredible pieces for Vanity Fair.  On the seventh anniversary of the attacks, I recommend reading them to see what the fight against terrorism really entails.

“Into the Valley of Death,” January 2008

“Return to the Valley of Death,” October 2008

3 thoughts on “It’s 9/11: Where’s Osama?”

  1. I find it very interesting:
    1. 9/11 happened on W’s watch, after he and his fellows had been in office almost a year.
    2. We’ve been at war in the wrong country for 7 years with over 4,000 soldiers dead.
    3. We STILL haven’t caught the men who are supposedly behind the 9/11 attack.

    Yet the GOP is the party of choice on national security issues? The insanity is rampant.

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