Cashless Economy

I spent a couple hours this afternoon finishing the grading for my online course, a task which became slightly less onerous when I was able to do it at a nice little coffeeshop here in Moorhead. Though the people-watching wasn’t as good as it is in Northfield or in Minneapolis, there were some good moments. For instance, the author of some crazy-seeming “political” books stopped in and surfed on one of the public computers for a good hour. (His van was parked across the street.)

A few minutes after that, a young-ish woman came in with two cute kids. She went up to the counter and loudly asked how about the price of a certain (complicated, girly) drink. When the barista told her, she energetically hunted in her purse for some money, only to discover she didn’t have enough. Throwing the expensive-looking bag on her shoulder and clutching a big Blackberry-type smartphone in one hand, she trooped back out with the kids. I guessed to a friend that she must have all her money in bonds; he snarked back that she probably blew all her cash filling up her Tahoe or Excursion.

3 thoughts on “Cashless Economy”

  1. Oh, god, that’s so me (minus the SUV and the uncool crackberry – ha ha). I never have cash. Because if I did, I’d spend it on stupid, girly coffee drinks. That’s what Starbucks gift cards are for, right? Oh, wait.

  2. Chris, My two part audio interviews are now available on my web-sight. HPR’S – John Strand filled in on AM 1100 – The Flag to interview me about my books, hope you tune in, Carl

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