Nativity Scenester

As promised the other day, I found a couple Playmobil nativity scene sets on eBay last week. They arrived earlier this week, and Julia’s been playing with them ever since. After setting everything up and playing with them for a while each evening – including a full recitation of the YouTube video, right down to the sound effects and the background music – she asks me move to the entire sacred diorama to a safe haven at the edge of the dining table, where (she thinks) Vivi can’t get at it. Tonight, all this play also entailed creating a backdrop for the stable: brown hills, green trees, a night-blue sky, and of course the Star of Bethlehem. (Click through for notes on Flickr.)
Nativity Scenesters

As I hurriedly made this backdrop and Julia excitedly played with the various figures this evening, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. I’ve spent almost exactly half my life – since taking Cal Roetzel’s “Intro to the New Testament” class at Macalester in 1992 – rejecting Christianity with more or less vehemence, and this is what it’s got me: a little girl who can recite big chunks of the Nativity story and a fun evening fabricating a diorama for her Bible toys.

There may not be a god, but there sure is karma.

6 thoughts on “Nativity Scenester”

  1. I’m glad others find this as amusing as I do.

    (J: that header image was a holdover from my theme; I got rid of it since I don’t really abide by dog butts.)

  2. Holy shit! Watch out! The dongleheaded king is gonna give baby Jesus the gaff!

    Punch, Joseph! Punch. Kick. Kick.

    Also, that stable ain’t up to code. Your back wall’s gonna collapse under the weight of the Angel of the Lord. A common problem, sure, but it’s still gotta be shored up, or we’ll shut your ass down.

    Now, I got a cousin who specializes in these types of holy structural remediation projects. He did a huge remodel on Buddha’s garage couple months back. He does good work. Tell him I sent you. You’ll get a nice discount.

    (Is it any wonder kids love me so?)

  3. I might give your cousin a call. I saw that gut/remodel of the Buddha’s place in “Better Homes and Afterlives” last month. Very nice. I love what he did with the bodhi tree. I never would have thought to use it as a winch for engines. Any truth to the rumor that Mohammed’s buried in the foundation, though?

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