The New-ish Blowing & Drifting

Welcome to the new Blowing & Drifting. I’ve shifted the blog to WordPress, for lots of mundane but important reasons:

  • Sandvox, the Mac-only application which I had been using for B&D, was getting increasingly troublesome to use, so I decided that I wouldn’t.
  • I wanted to be able to post to my blog from any computer, not just my home Mac.
  • I got sick of handling the behind-the-scenes IT wankery I’d created for myself, partly because I’m not a terribly savvy sysadmin and partly because Sandvox wasn’t making things easy on me.
  • Finally, WordPress seems pretty cool, user-friendly, and attractive.

So here we are! You can still find links to the old Blowing & Drifting – and the older, now defunct) Xferen and After School Snack blogs – in the blogroll, down at right, and I’ll set up redirects in an effort to keep any older bookmarks pointing toward this new page. But you’re of course welcome to bookmark this page or add the new RSS feed to your reader, since this is where you’ll find the new stuff.

3 thoughts on “The New-ish Blowing & Drifting”

  1. Hey, looks great! Welcome to Word Press! I worked my *ss off a while back and switched as well; there have been a few things I’ve needed to learn to do since that time but have never again had the time to put into it. So my advice to anyone who is switching over: do it all at once and don’t put anything off for later!

  2. Kudos. Let me know what you think after a week or so. When I get renewed time and energy, I want to revamp Sanctioning Agent.

    Take care.

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